Dustin Hoffman Breaks Down Crying Explaining What He Learned About Being A Woman During ‘Tootsie’

Still, even in and among all of these “love yourself” movements, we are still being categorized and, for many, dismissed because of our less-than-stellar physique. Dustin Hoffman hits the nail right on the head. Definitely worth a look.

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In this beautiful clip, spotted at Upworthy, Dustin Hoffman explains what he learned from becoming a woman for his role in ‘Tootsie’ and breaks down crying in the process. Very moving. [tc-mark]

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video – AFI

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Consuming Quiet

A universe lies behind every smile,

masking galaxies and dimensions new.

To just travel through would take a great while

and even then you would have seen merely a few.

Surrounded by vultures hungry for blood,

the delicate don a noble facade.

But like a decrepit dam against flood,

negative affliction will soon pervade.

As I am one of the most fragile kind

who had once believed that death had no sting,

I vowed from that day on to be not blind

to the fledgling dove with a broken wing.

Defy these contracts to which we are bound.

Please, feel for those who suffer without sound.