A Statement Hardly Profound But Just As Significant.

Millions and millions of thoughts run through the mind daily as a gigantic domino chain– one thought leaning into another until the end of this train is reached and another begins at the surface of slumber. But sometimes, you encounter a thought that comes out of the blue. These thoughts act as epiphanies, moments of pleasant clarity. But not always. Sometimes, like the one I encounter on days like today, they hit you brutally like a knockout punch to the chest. It knocks the wind out of you so suddenly, so overwhelmingly, you can’t find air to breathe. And that’s exactly what happened to me this evening, in and amongst the bustling of the early holiday season in Disney World. Dodging in between squealing children and the parents desperately chasing them, I was hit.
I thought I got over you, but clearly my assumptions were incorrect.
Because I miss the hell out of you.
I do.