Dustin Hoffman Breaks Down Crying Explaining What He Learned About Being A Woman During ‘Tootsie’

Still, even in and among all of these “love yourself” movements, we are still being categorized and, for many, dismissed because of our less-than-stellar physique. Dustin Hoffman hits the nail right on the head. Definitely worth a look.

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In this beautiful clip, spotted at Upworthy, Dustin Hoffman explains what he learned from becoming a woman for his role in ‘Tootsie’ and breaks down crying in the process. Very moving. [tc-mark]

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video – AFI

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Redefining “Beautiful”

I would add my two cents…..but there it is. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Let’s redefine “Beautiful”.

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The fact that the media portrays unrealistic people isn’t a new epiphany. But what may be is the fact that we, the people who are lamenting and criticizing the way media is portrayed, are the ones who are allowing it to continue. How? Because as long as we keep buying into the marketing campaigns that aim to make us feel as though we won’t be complete without that new-improved-life-changing thing, we are making those campaigns work. We are validating that this is what we want to see. And as we buy diet pills and hair dye and expensive clothing to look like those people, we are showing the media that they are indeed giving us what we want.

The media is only a reflection of what will interest us most, what will make us turn our heads and pay attention, and therefore garner the most attention, income and (what…

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