The List

A running list of normal and everyday things that I find fascinating and beautiful:

  1. Springtime showers.
  2. A summer sunrise (:
  3. Goosebumps!
  4. My little flock of Blue Birds that seems to follow me everywhere.
  5. Books that nurture.
  6. Heartfelt, moving lyrics.
  7. Running in tutus and tiaras.
  8. The smell of the earth on a humid summer morning.
  9. The crisp chill of new autumn air.
  10. Brightly colored manicures (:
  11. Coffee prepared just right.
  12. Perspective.
  13. Singer/Songwriter station on Pandora (And the Civil Wars station, and the Maroon 5 station, and the Mumford&Sons station…..)
  14. Saturdays in the sun.
  15. Foggy mornings and the prisms of light that dance through their mist.
  16. Majestic thunderheads.
  17. That sudden decrease in humidity after a storm. #floridaprobs.
  18. Speaking of thunderstorms…. Watching thunderstorms develop and stew over the water while watching safely and peacefully from the beach.
  19. Children’s laughter.
  20. The gradual ebbing of a child’s sobbing.
  21. Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt.
  22. Psychology.
  23. The feeling of mystery and anticipation after arriving in a new city.
  24. Harmonies that soar.
  25. Windchimes singing their soft songs on a breezy afternoon.
  26. Brain Games. Dude, that TV show. It’s probably the only one I watch.
  27. Air Conditioning kicking in on hot, humid summer nights.
  28. The beautiful, serene beach.
  29. The smooth, warm sensation of drinking tea.
  30. People who support you.
  31. People who love you.
  32. People who will  go to the ends of the earth for you.
  33. Hugs that linger.
  34. Conversations that leave you changed.
  35. Beautiful, flowing dresses.
  36. The delicate femininity of Baby’s Breath and Hydrangeas.
  37. Lace embellishments on just about anything.
  38. The scent of freshly mown grass.
  39. The gentle wave of Mom’s perfume as she passes by.
  40. Sleeping in after a period of putting in long, hard hours.
  41. Bewildering, too-good-to-be-true, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  42. Comic relief in whatever form during times of trial.
  43. Songs that put you in a whole new mindset.
  44. Truffulas.
  45. The ghostly light of dawn peeking in under closed window-shades.
  46. The sun set against voluminous thunderheads.
  47. Anything and everything Disney.
  48. Comforting a friend.
  49. The luxurious feeling of applying chapstick.
  50. People with infallible patience.
  51. Lectures delivered passionately by people who do what they love.
  52. The feeling of “Wow, everything’s going to be okay.”
  53. A stocked refrigerator and pantry after going to the grocery store.
  54. My sister singing (albeit off-key).
  55. My mother dancing while she gets ready for work (and she thinks nobody can see her)
  56. Complexity.
  57. Simplicity.
  58. Challenges that mold you into someone way better than before.
  59. Listening to someone else’s favorite music and getting a backstage pass into their walk of life.
  60. Shoes that give you confidence.
  61. Feelings of security.
  62. Cuddling.
  63. Sleeping beside the love of your life.
  64. Dahlias
  65. Movies that inspire.
  66. Moments that leave you in awe, at a loss for words.
  67. Chilly raindrops.
  68. Wind that lifts up your hair.
  69. People who reach out.
  70. Practical advice from those who lived through it.
  71. The soft breeze on a sticky summer evening.
  72. Lightning bugs.

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